ApplesHello and thanks for visiting. You may have heard the rumors about final classes from The Glass Rooster, and yes, they are true. I have decided that after 6ish years of passing on our mad canning skills to folks in and around the Chicago-land area, it is time to take things back to a hobby status.

I don’t think I could have picked a better small business to start. Farming, food growing, food loving, ecology minded types of people are so much fun to interact with. There is a caring that goes beyond the business day and finds its way into sharing with others a compassion and camaraderie, all with a like mindedness about concern for where our food comes from. I taught a lot but learned just as much.

My husband and I will continue to stock our pantry with the best we can find and/or grow. We are hoping to begin a new garden of raised beds in the near future as we have become convinced that you simply cannot buy the flavors that you can put up yourself.

In the meantime….we would still love to hear from you if you have any questions or want to swap a recipe! Please contact us at info@theGlassRooster.com

Best Regards and have a Flavorful Day!

Laura McLaughlin

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