About Us

Making Noodles

Profile pict7The Glass Rooster® was founded in 2007 by Laura McLaughlin to help foster a greater awareness of our food, where it comes from and our connection to it. With ideas and a skill set that started with “this is how Grandma did it,” integrated with extensive research and “this is what they say,” Laura created classes that combine old styles with the latest in food safety preservation.

She has taught for various entities around the Chicago area including the Chicago Cultural Center, New Trier Extension, Whole Foods, and the Center on Halsted, to name a few. She holds a BA from Purdue and MA from DePaul University.

 Watch our little video about how The Glass Rooster got it’s name. Of course a small disclaimer here….not the super quality video we are used to now, but a true story nonetheless!   Rose & Captain Hook.