Spring 2014

Hog FishHello all. I just returned from my annual trip to Florida. Fell in love with a new fish favorite…Hog Fish from Captain Eddy’s!

Flew down and drove back, and because the trip was a bit later this year I got to see some of the fields in more of their spring glory. I love nothing more than seeing tractors in the fields turning over the soil, winter wheat poking it’s bright green head up and giving us rolling color, and everything else that goes into putting food on our tables. After a long Chicago winter it is like saying, “aah, life begins anew and all is well!”

Our private lessons have started and we will be hosting our first community class in June for those that want to join us. We have a lot of changes in the air, but the one thing that remains the same is our commitment to teaching you the latest in home food preservation. We have a new instructor, Breanne, with a long and awesome history of creating and preserving great food so look for some of her classes with us this year.

Thanks for checking in and we hope to see you this season! Have a flavorful day!

~Laura McLaughlin