Another Great Canning Season


We have ended our 2013 season with another great year of preservation. We now have a stationary kitchen to work from, a big plus, and have added pressure canning classes. This gives The Glass Rooster even better options and means that we will get an earlier start in 2014!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are not in the kitchen, but we are still working on all that ‘behind-the-scene’ stuff that makes our year go smoothly and allows us to focus on classes when the produce comes in. We will be working on some workshops that go beyond the 101 and allow us to teach about different food items and how they react to different canning processes. We are also working on a ‘Plan Your Pantry’ session in the spring that will help you plan for great winter foods that are full of the best flavors that our Midwest growing season has to offer.

Thanks again to all that made this such a great year and we hope to see you again in the Spring!